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Presidente da CBLLD



Eugenio Tadeu Professional in Physical Education and specialist in martial arts like Muay Thai, Wrestling Sports and Black Belt of Jiu Jitsu.

Eugenio Tadeu began his life as a fighter at the age of fourteen with capoeira. At eighteen he started practicing Thai boxing (MUAY THAI) under the command of prof. Flávio Molina, and soon stood out, conquering the titles of Brazilian Champion, Carioca de Interclubes and Interstate.
Intended to become an even more complete fighter, he began to devote himself to learning fighting sports with prof. Carlos Bruno Cilla.

From the traumatic fight, from the punches and low kicks, located in the thigh that characterize Thai boxing, he would go for wrestling, characterized by the keys and twists and whose goal is to take the opponent to the ground

Wherever he goes, they leave champions and his name as an example of discipline, perseverance, objectivity, respect for his opponents, and his technical and disciplinary teachings, which do so today. Businessman, owner of Fitt and Fitt and president of the ASSOCIATION OF FIGHT SPORTS FREE RECOVERY OF THE CULTURAL ASSOCIATION RIO DE JANEIRO and BRAZILIAN CONFEDERATION OF FIGHTERS OF SPORTS AND ASSOCIATED FIGHTS.

With several sporting events and social and cultural projects in transforming the martial arts in Rio de Janeiro to take children of crime and drugs.

Thanks to Eugenio Tadeu, today Free Sports Fight and Muay Thai are taught by their students in Rio de Janeiro and in the World, spreading this sport even more and keeping children and adolescents DRUGS AWAY.

Titles & Achievements

Professional - physical education cref: 3578/2001]
Black Muay Thai Course (Master)
Black belt sports wrestling course (6 Dan master)
Black belt jiu-jitsu course
Roman Course of Wrestling and Greek
Training course for bodybuilding teachers
Position: President of the Confederation CBLLD from 2015 to 2016
Owner of the academy Form FIGHT ETT 2015
Proposed wrestling referee from 1996 to 2014
Referee of Vale Tudo / MMA 1998 to 2014
Owner of the Allderj combat circuits
Logistics Coordinator WFC - Web Fight Combat 2012 until 2014
Position: NGO president to recover from 2010 to 2013
Office. President ASS.ALLDERJ 1993 to 2013
Head of the Cecam Academy 1990-2001
Property of Fitness Academy Fitted from 2004 to 2013
Professor of ACADEMY Ultimate Gym Muay Thai New York 2004
Position: owner of the academy and professor CECAM from 1991 to 2003
Teacher training school for military police officers 1990, 1991 and 2010
Professor of Naval School 1990 to 1992
Greek Roman Athlete and Olympic Civil Wrestling Police of 1991
Professor of the Academy from 1989 to 1994
Professor of the Pergus Academy 1984 to 1987
The forces of the academy teacher live from 1984 to 1986
Professor of the Sírio Libanês Club 1981 to 1983
Qualifications and Titles.
Three-time Thai boxing champion Carioca from 1982 to 1984
Once Brazilian champion of Vale all 1983 jiu jitsu vs Thai boxing match
Six times fighter Interclube champion 1985 to 1988
Carioca champion of Muay Thai in 1988
Jiu Jitsu Champion 1988 Amazonas
1997 wrestling vs. jiu jitsu tie
River 2-Wrestling Champion and Greek Roman 1989 to 1990
Second runner-up of SP SP
Martial Arts Shock 1991 jiu jitsu x wrestling free
Muay Thai Brazilian Champion 1992
1992 Wrestling Champion
World champion worth all 1996 Japan
Combat martial arts 1997 jiu jitsu x wrestling
Former UFC 1998 fighter
Coverage of cyclone from 2000 to 2004.

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